Project IONA-Bedfordshire Cultural Attractions

Bedford Butterfly Park A global Conservation Park with Tropical Butterfly House, Bugs Room, Nature Trails, Adventure Playground, Tea Room, Gift Shop and much more. Wander amongst beautiful butterflies and exotic blooms in our tropical house. See weird and wonderful creepy–crawlies in the bugs house. Outside, stop to feed the pygmy goats and rabbits before exploring […]


Those who know the Birmingham of the present time will probably be interested in reading some account of its early days, when it presented much the same appearance as in the engraving we give opposite. In the year 585 the Saxon Cridda, a military adventurer who founded the Saxon Kingdom of Mercia, gave the Manor […]

Bury St. Edmunds – A Suffolk Legend

A charming Victorian portrait of this Suffolk market and cathedral town and its legendary saint from the 1891 book “Picturesque England. Its Landmarks and Historic Haunts”. The Danes in the ninth century were the most frightful enemies that England had ever known. Strong, brave, ruthless, as cruel as they were valiant, sparing neither woman nor […]

Past and present: Lancaster

An interesting Victorian observation of the northern English city of Lancaster during the 1830s which first appeared in issue No. 225 – The Penny Magazine – Oct. 17, 1835. LANCASTER, the county town of Lancashire, is situated on the western coast of England, upon the southern bank of the river Lune, at the distance of […]

Past and present:Mansions Of Glasgow-Plantation

This description of the mansion house of Plantation appeared in the “The old country houses of the old Glasgow gentry by John Guthrie Smith and John Oswald Mitchell, published in 1878”. This was an encyclopedia detailing the scores of magnificent houses in the Glasgow area; some of which are extant while others survive only in […]

Past and present:Mansions Of Glasgow in Shawfield

What a brilliant story this makes! Magistrates and the Provost of Glasgow being arrested by the government militia for inciting a riot! Could only happen in Glasgow which to this day remains a bastion of genuine socialism, not willing to support the quasi-Thatcherite economic globalist agenda of “new labour”. OK end of politics lecture! Shawfield […]

Past and present:Victorian London

An almost unrecognisable picture of the capital city from the 1891 book “Picturesque England: Its Landmarks and Historic Haunts”. Much has changed since Victorian times when London was probably the most important city in the world and the centre of Empire. The wonderful city that is the heart of the world’s thought and trade, and […]

Village Signs Art

Uniquely English and more common in East Anglia than elsewhere, village signs are not to be confused with the signs which mark the borders of a settlement along the main roads entering the settlement. Village signs are often found in the geographical or community centre of the settlement often besides a church, on a communal […]